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Karlovy Vary

Many tourists going on a trip are interested in what the weather is in Karlovy Vary, because a trip there involves a long stay in the fresh air: sightseeing, visiting drinking galleries. Winters are European here - the average temperature is -3 degrees, but it can drop to serious marks -15 or even -20 degrees Celsius. Summer in Karlovy Vary is warm and rainy, but cloudy days are just as good for relaxation as sunny ones.
The question of what to do in Karlovy Vary does not arise, here every house is an architectural monument. In addition to the standard program of visiting museums and walks through the colonnades, you can become a participant in interesting events that are annually held here:
• Every April a meeting of European aristocrats takes place in the city.
• In June, there is a festival dedicated to Mozart and his music.
• Dvořák's music and real jazz sounds in autumn.
• Karlovy Vary hosts an international film festival, as well as a festival of young filmmakers who are just starting their career.

Many residents of our country take Karlovy Vary treatment first of all. The reason for this is healing springs, of which there are 79 in the city. 13 of them have been mastered - around each there is a colonnade or a gazebo, drinking fountains and recreation areas are equipped. Each spring has its own name, it is believed that each of them is suitable for treatment. The thermal waters of Karlovy Vary have collected many legends around them. For example, it is believed that if you drink water from the source number 7, also called "Mermaid", it will help not only women's health, but also her fate - she will soon find happiness in her personal life.

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