пятница, 16 апреля 2021 г.

Indian ski resort Gulmarg

Of course, most often people come for outdoor activities:
·         Snowshoeing or hiking trails in picturesque landscapes;
·         Ice skating;
·         Descent from the mountain on a sled;
·         Golf (the complex has 18 holes);
·         Opportunity to try yourself in skiing and snowboarding.
In addition, the organizers took care of the cultural life of tourists. There are bars, cafes and restaurants. One of them is located at an altitude of 3050 meters. You can also find shops with indigenous trinkets, jewelry, souvenirs and national clothes.
· The         upper one is marked by relatively simple reliefs, but its area is huge. It contains a small number of prepared tracks. It is perfect for experienced riders who will not be intimidated by steep lean angles.
·         Along the perimeter of the middle zone there is a track with several branches. A ski patrol runs along it all the time. Ideal for beginners.

Gulmarg is able to please everyone with its cultural programs and various sports. Once in this place, you can completely isolate yourself from the noisy and annoying bustle, enrich your knowledge of the world around you and spend your weekend with pleasure.

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