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Mount Dragobrat in the Carpathians is a small ski complex with slopes of various levels of difficulty. The resort is alpine

The popularity of the resort is also due to the fact that the total cost of the vacation is significantly lower than the average Carpathian counterparts, so every year the number of visiting Ukrainian and Russian skiers is growing rapidly. If we consider where Dragobrat is located on the Ukrainian map, we should move our eyes to the north-west of the country. Despite the inaccessibility and remoteness of the ski complex, European, Asian and American fans are also beginning to appear.

Guests of the ski complex should be prepared for the fact that the hotel infrastructure is rather poorly developed here, therefore it is recommended to think about booking a room well before the season. For example, pre-bookings made in the spring or summer are a great opportunity to save money on vacation. To accommodate tourists, a six-story hotel is most often used, as well as several low-rise cottages. If you look at Drohobrat on a map of the Transcarpathian region on a larger scale, you will notice that it is quite small.

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