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The Puglia resort is located in the southeast of the country, so to speak, in the "heel" of the Italian "boot". It has the longest coastline, stretching over 800 km. Due to the confluence of 2 seas, the Adriatic and the Ionian, many bays, rocky bays, karst caves have formed. There are dunes, coastal routes, and spurs. Notable are the limestone grottoes, against which restless waves beat, cutting through new arches. There are tropical groves along the coast of the resort.
Apulia is notable for its white limestone towns, olive groves, unsurpassed UNESCO heritage sites, delicious cuisine. This is an authentic region of Italy, where to this day the locals preserve their culture and traditions.
The family business is still developed here, the secrets of which are passed on from one generation to the next. On Sundays, the whole family gathers for a lavish dinner. They love homemade pasta made according to a personal family recipe. Special attention is paid to religious holidays. They adore embroidered tablecloths and ceramics.

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