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Mount Dragobrat in the Carpathians is a small ski complex with slopes of various levels of difficulty. The resort is alpine

The popularity of the resort is also due to the fact that the total cost of the vacation is significantly lower than the average Carpathian counterparts, so every year the number of visiting Ukrainian and Russian skiers is growing rapidly. If we consider where Dragobrat is located on the Ukrainian map, we should move our eyes to the north-west of the country. Despite the inaccessibility and remoteness of the ski complex, European, Asian and American fans are also beginning to appear.

Guests of the ski complex should be prepared for the fact that the hotel infrastructure is rather poorly developed here, therefore it is recommended to think about booking a room well before the season. For example, pre-bookings made in the spring or summer are a great opportunity to save money on vacation. To accommodate tourists, a six-story hotel is most often used, as well as several low-rise cottages. If you look at Drohobrat on a map of the Transcarpathian region on a larger scale, you will notice that it is quite small.

Karlovy Vary

Many tourists going on a trip are interested in what the weather is in Karlovy Vary, because a trip there involves a long stay in the fresh air: sightseeing, visiting drinking galleries. Winters are European here - the average temperature is -3 degrees, but it can drop to serious marks -15 or even -20 degrees Celsius. Summer in Karlovy Vary is warm and rainy, but cloudy days are just as good for relaxation as sunny ones.
The question of what to do in Karlovy Vary does not arise, here every house is an architectural monument. In addition to the standard program of visiting museums and walks through the colonnades, you can become a participant in interesting events that are annually held here:
• Every April a meeting of European aristocrats takes place in the city.
• In June, there is a festival dedicated to Mozart and his music.
• Dvořák's music and real jazz sounds in autumn.
• Karlovy Vary hosts an international film festival, as well as a festival of young filmmakers who are just starting their career.

Many residents of our country take Karlovy Vary treatment first of all. The reason for this is healing springs, of which there are 79 in the city. 13 of them have been mastered - around each there is a colonnade or a gazebo, drinking fountains and recreation areas are equipped. Each spring has its own name, it is believed that each of them is suitable for treatment. The thermal waters of Karlovy Vary have collected many legends around them. For example, it is believed that if you drink water from the source number 7, also called "Mermaid", it will help not only women's health, but also her fate - she will soon find happiness in her personal life.


The Puglia resort is located in the southeast of the country, so to speak, in the "heel" of the Italian "boot". It has the longest coastline, stretching over 800 km. Due to the confluence of 2 seas, the Adriatic and the Ionian, many bays, rocky bays, karst caves have formed. There are dunes, coastal routes, and spurs. Notable are the limestone grottoes, against which restless waves beat, cutting through new arches. There are tropical groves along the coast of the resort.
Apulia is notable for its white limestone towns, olive groves, unsurpassed UNESCO heritage sites, delicious cuisine. This is an authentic region of Italy, where to this day the locals preserve their culture and traditions.
The family business is still developed here, the secrets of which are passed on from one generation to the next. On Sundays, the whole family gathers for a lavish dinner. They love homemade pasta made according to a personal family recipe. Special attention is paid to religious holidays. They adore embroidered tablecloths and ceramics.

 Pinzolo Italian resort

The commune of Pinzolo is located in the autonomous region of Trentino - Alto Adige in northeastern Italy. The region of Trentino - Alto Adige is divided into two autonomous provinces:

German-speaking Bolzano;
Italian-speaking Trento (Trentino).
Pinzolo is part of the Autonomous Province of Trento and belongs to the Italian-speaking area of ​​the region. This ski resort belongs to the natural region of the Dolomites - a mountain range in the Eastern Alps on the border of Italy with Austria and Switzerland.

Located in the mountains, Pinzolo communicates with the outside world through 2 cities: Trento and Brescia. From Trento to Pinzolo, first take the SS 45bis Gardesana Occidentale state road, then in the Sarque area, turn onto the SS 237 state road, and in the area of ​​Tione di Trento, turn north onto the SS 239 state road. The distance from Trento to Pinzolo is 57 km. The second route is the SS 45bis Gardesana Occidentale from Brescia, in the Tione di Trento area you need to take the SS 239 to the north. The distance along this route is 110 km.

Pinzolo is connected by bus routes to several cities in Northern Italy: Brescia, Bergamo, Verona and Trento. Brescia, Verona and Bergamo are the closest cities to Pinzolo with airports; only Verona-Villafranca in Verona accepts flights from Russia. From here you can get to Pinzolo via Trento by taxi, bus or by ordering a transfer at the hotel. You can also take the Verona-Bolzano train and get off to Trento, from where you can get to Pinzolo along the mountain roads

Indian ski resort Gulmarg

Of course, most often people come for outdoor activities:
·         Snowshoeing or hiking trails in picturesque landscapes;
·         Ice skating;
·         Descent from the mountain on a sled;
·         Golf (the complex has 18 holes);
·         Opportunity to try yourself in skiing and snowboarding.
In addition, the organizers took care of the cultural life of tourists. There are bars, cafes and restaurants. One of them is located at an altitude of 3050 meters. You can also find shops with indigenous trinkets, jewelry, souvenirs and national clothes.
· The         upper one is marked by relatively simple reliefs, but its area is huge. It contains a small number of prepared tracks. It is perfect for experienced riders who will not be intimidated by steep lean angles.
·         Along the perimeter of the middle zone there is a track with several branches. A ski patrol runs along it all the time. Ideal for beginners.

Gulmarg is able to please everyone with its cultural programs and various sports. Once in this place, you can completely isolate yourself from the noisy and annoying bustle, enrich your knowledge of the world around you and spend your weekend with pleasure.